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Communicating with your Spirit Babies from Preconception to Birth

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Emily Greene

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Emily Greene

Emily Greene, known professionally as Emily the Medium, is a highly acclaimed psychic medium, who specializes in supporting families to connect to the energies of their children, or their “‘spirit babies,”’, at all phases of their journey: whether they’re struggling with fertility challenges, in the preconception phase, or while they’re pregnant. In addition, Emily also supports families in raising their sensitive children, and helping them to acclimate to Earth, as well as helping individuals understand and master their innate intuitive abilities. She lives in Burlington, Ontario with her husband and rescue dog Rudi.


Connect more deeply to your soul and to the souls of your children using these specialized guided meditations.


Listen to interviews I have had on several popular podcasts.


“For families trying to conceive or ready to welcome their babies, this book is transformative.”

– Kelli Moore Host of The Naked Mama Podcast,
Emmy Award Winning Sports Television Host

“Less of a book and more of an awakening experience, A Cosmic Bond intimately and powerfully connects readers with the souls of their children – past, present, and future – and not least, serves as a powerful reminder of their own soul mission in this incarnation – after all, we were all spirit babies once.”

– Nadia Gabrielle Founder of Projector’s Invited

“This book serves as a powerful reminder that birth is more than a medical procedure, rather a deeply profound spiritual experience.”

– Nathan Riley, MD, The Holistic OBGYN, Creator of The Born Free Method

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