Emily Greene, known professionally as Emily the Medium, is a highly sought after psychic medium from Toronto, Ontario. She has been in formal practice for almost a decade. She began her career as an energy healer and soon turned to connecting with souls who have transitioned from life, offering support to loved ones seeking peace and comfort in their grief process. Partway through her journey, Emily’s work shifted again, to include connecting with incoming souls as well, sometimes referred to as “spirit babies.” These are souls preparing to incarnate. Just as she did with her end of life work, Emily now supports individuals and families in the transition of conception, pregnancy and birth. Emily encourages a conscious relationship with this new wave of souls who are bravely entering the Earth plane with the specific aim of shifting the collective vibration towards restored balance.

Emily’s practice includes readings, healings and mentorships in psychic and mediumship development. She also hosts larger workshops, such as her incredibly popular Super Conscious Conception healing events, which are geared toward achieving an ideal energetic and somatic frequency to support conception and pregnancy of these incredible souls. Emily highlights the dynamic intersection between life and death, and the importance of healing the womb, in order to birth a new reality based on love. Emily is driven to empower others, and she uses her innate wisdom, extrasensory perception, and discernment, to support others to live consciously, in balance, alignment, and fulfillment. Emily is a teacher for the new world she is helping the world to support, welcome and learn from incoming souls who will affect the evolutionary shift in the collective awakening of humanity.