A Cosmic Bond

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Psychic Medium Emily Greene has found her higher purpose by helping parents connect to the soul energies of their future children, their “spirit babies” – throughout the phases of their journey – from preconception, through pregnancy and birth.

In her book, A Cosmic Bond: Communicating with your Spirit Babies from Preconception to Birth Emily captures the wisdom she has gained in her decade of spiritual practice and shares powerful stories of parents and families who have been transformed by the connections they have made with the souls of their children-to-be.

Emily guides you to discover the myriad ways a spirit baby connection can help parents overcome doubts about the decision to have children, provide insight on your fertility journey, gain knowledge about your future child’s purpose and needs, and bring sacred harmony to the process of giving birth.

Through the book, you will also learn:

  • The role of energetic and spiritual blockages in fertility challenges
  • Meditations to facilitate connection with your child’s soul before conception and during pregnancy
  • The steps to Super Conscious Conception: creating a conception plan in collaboration with your future child
  • How to support your children’s spiritual needs in their early years
  • Exploring the profound energy of the new children and what they came to do on this planet

Also, in A Cosmic Bond: Communicating with your Spirit Babies from Preconception to Birth, Emily speaks of a profound increase in the level of consciousness on our planet, the creation of a “new world” where growing numbers of people are seeking out spiritual pursuits, finding spiritual teachers and remembering their soul’s purpose. Higher levels of energy are flooding into our world and are being anchored through the hearts and minds of our children. They are a part of the consciousness change that is happening right now.

Her goal is to help parents everywhere understand the magic that their children are and to foster their own spiritual development, so they can best support their children’s needs in their incarnation on Earth and protect their connection to their soul and their enlightenment.


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(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for A Cosmic Bond

  1. Seana Zelazo

    This book is insightful, cosmic, easy to digest, impeccably written, heart-forward, real and the catalyst for a new way of bringing souls Earth side. To understand the energetics of preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond is a gift every woman I have ever met has craved. What a gift to be on this planet at the very time this book was written so that I may be the best parent I can be for my daughter. Emily has brought a degree of healing to the chasms that life situations, questions, trauma, loss and more have carved into many of our hearts – through words of wisdom, comfort, insight and beyond. Thank you for the gift that is A Cosmic Bond. May it find its way into the hands of those who need it most in divine timing.

  2. Arielle Coree

    More than ever we are in need of clear and transformative guidance to help us collectively negotiate the paradigm shift currently afoot on the earth plane. “A Cosmic Bond” does just that and way more. Emily Greene’s writing is brilliant and accessible, inviting the reader to explore transcendent concepts that are delivered in a way that is accessible and easily applicable. “A Cosmic Bond” helps us to welcome, honor, serve, support, and engage our children so we may parent consciously and from the highest perspective, helping them succeed in their amazing efforts of planetary change. In so doing it also enables us to parent ourselves in this same way, leading to deep healing of the inner child within. Emily Greene is a visionary teacher and this is THE book of our generation. It will positively transform your life and inspire you to actively participate in uplifting the world. I cannot recommend this book more highly!

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